Our litigation department represents clients in a wide range of matters including contracts and commercial litigation, age and sex discrimination, matters arising under the State and Federal Civil Rights Act and Section 1983 of the United States Code, professional malpractice including medical malpractice and personal injury. We have broad experience in representing clients in the United States District Courts, Superior Court, Municipal Courts and various Administrative Agencies. Litigation means going to court but not necessarily going to trial. It is our hope to minimize the stress and cost to our clients while seeking the most advantageous and expeditious resolution, whether by settlement or by trial. Seeing that our client’s rights are protected and their needs understood and expectations satisfied is our goal in each matter that our litigation department handles.


If you are injured in an automobile accident, on the job, a slip and a fall, a construction accident or by a defective product, you may have a claim against the other driver or the owner of the vehicle, your employer, the owner or manager of the property, the manufacturer or seller of the product or a general contractor or subcontractor working on a job site. You are entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering and disability both temporary and permanent, any wages or other economic losses resulting from such injuries and your medical expenses which you incur for treatment to cure your injuries. Your spouse also has a claim for the loss of your services and consortium. Each type of case requires investigation, knowledge and understanding. Our experienced attorneys will guide you through the process so that you can be assured that you are protected and will recover all that you are entitled to receive.


If you are injured because a hospital, doctor or nurse fails to treat you according to accepted medical standards, then you have a claim against that hospital, doctor or nurse for medical malpractice. Medical negligence occurs when a doctor or nurse does or fails to do that which a reasonable physician or nurse would do in the same circumstances, whether it is failure to make a proper diagnosis, failure to perform surgery or surgical procedures properly, failure to prescribe a proper medication or other course of treatment or failure to explain to you and get your consent to a particular procedure or course of treatment. we have handled many malpractice cases and understand the legal requirements necessary to represent you thoroughly and properly in medical cases. We will meet with you free of charge to review your case to see if it meets our strict standards. Malpractice cases are expensive to prepare and difficult to win. It is only after a case meets our rigorous standards that we accept it. We will work hard for you to bring your case to a successful conclusion once we have agreed to represent you.


Our extensive real estate practice encompasses both commercial and residential work. We have represented thousands of private clients, ranging from individuals home-owners and small businesses to major developers and corporations. Our firm routinely handles all aspects of residential and commercial purchasing and financing. We have extensive experience before, as well as representation of, local boards of adjustment and planning boards in site plan, zoning, variance and other land use matters. Our firm prepares and negotiates real estate contracts, leases, acquisitions, and loan documents, including secured and unsecured conventional, construction, permanent and tax-free borrowing. In 1998 we represented clients with housing unit approvals in excess of 1500 units and Commercial projects totaling over 100 million dollars, including 24 Theater Megaplex and over 1,000,000 square feet of commercial development.


The practice of family law has always been an essential part of the firm’s practice. Our attorneys understand the difficulties that our clients are undergoing and provide thoughtful and thorough service to ensure that the needs of the client are best met. Today, family law includes not only divorce and separation with their issues of custody, visitation and support, but also domestic violence and adoption. Family law has now become a complex area in which our experienced attorneys are able to guide you to a successful conclusion. You may also find that your situation calls for an ante-nuptial agreement to protect your pre-marital assets for your dependents. Our firm can represent you so that you can get the protection you need for these assets to ensure your peace of mind.


State and Federal law prohibits employers from discriminating against employees on the basis of age (over 40), race, sex, religion and national origin. Discrimination is prohibited in all aspects of the employment relationship including hiring, promotion, training, compensation and termination. The law prohibits an employer from harassing you and making your work environment so hostile that you can no longer work or must leave your job. All damage flowing from such harassment including personal injury, emotional damage and loss of wages, as well as legal fees can be awarded to you by the court. The law requires that each employer adopt a policy against discrimination and have a procedure for investigating claims of discrimination. We represent both employers and employees in discrimination matters.


Without careful planning, the estate that you have built over the course of your lifetime could be significantly depleted by the time your heirs receive it. Thoughtful planning on your part can help to insure that your heirs receive the estate that you intend them to have. Our firm has assisted clients in the planning of simple as well as complex estates. Our goal is to structure the estate plan so as to accomplish the clients’ objectives and at the same time, minimize federal and state taxes. We also assist our clients in the administration of the estate to insure the proper distribution of the estate assets and the filing of all necessary documents and tax returns.


The practice of criminal/municipal court law is essential to properly service our clients. From speeding tickets to moving offenses to Driving While Intoxicated and indictable criminal charges we are fully equipped to aggressively represent our clients and protect their most basic rights in all New Jersey Municipal, State and Federal Courts. The Criminal Justice System is an intimidating adversary and this firm will even the playing field and provide you with a strong legal advocate at perhaps your most trying time.


A past conviction or arrest for many types of crimes can be erased from the public record through a process known as expungement. Legislatures in many states have enacted expungement statutes in recognition of the fact that the stigma of a past offense doesn’t just hurt those who are trying to make their way though life with a criminal offense on their record. The community at large also pays a price when law-abiding citizens remain unemployed or trapped in low-level jobs, or are deterred from renting property, applying for college or trade school or seeking a professional license out of a fear that their criminal past will scuttle their chances.


If you have been injured by a product that was defectively designed or manufactured, contact our legal specialists at Destribats Campbell, LLC for details related to your product liability concerns (609) 585-2443.


Contact our legal specialists at Destribats Campbell, LLC for details related to your criminal law concerns (609) 585-2443

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